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I’m hosting a promotion challenge this week and in the private group I asked the participants what are their promotion challenges.

There were five challenges that everyone had. Over next few days I will share these challenges with you.

I will admit fear has engulfed me when it comes to my writing. I actually stopped writing for a few years because I feared what others think.

For some reason when it came to promoting SORMAG it was a different story. I guess it was because I was promoting others instead of myself.

Are you letting FEAR stop you from promoting your books?

Do you think you are not worthy to be a published author?

Do you think people will think you’re bragging too much?

Don’t let FEAR stop you from moving forward.

Last year I learned having fear is good as long as you don’t wallow in it. Let it push you toward your mission. You’re supposed to be a scared of new things. If you aren’t fearful, then it’s not what you need to be doing.

Do one thing that scares you every day – Eleanor Roosevelt

How do you get past your promotion fears?

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