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If you don’t tell people about your book, they can’t buy it.

Don’t expect your publisher to do all the promotion, they won’t.

You have to make time to promote. Only you know your schedule.

Do you have one free hour every day?

Do you have two free hours a day?

Or do you only have 30 minutes to work with.

Believe me if you focus your time, you can do a lot in 30 minutes. Last year that’s all I had in the morning to squeeze my promotion in.

I recommend scheduling your promotion. Use a social media platform like Hootsuites or Buffer to schedule your promotion. You can automate some of your promotion and focus on the promotions you want to be live doing. Such as blog comments, group participation, Social media status.

Use your calendar to keep up with your interviews and advertisement. This will help you not double book yourself.

Make time for your promoting and it will become a habit instead of a pain in your side.

What do you do to make time for promoting?

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