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Most authors think promoting their books means posting status that say BUY MY BOOK.

There’s a lot more to promoting than saying buy my book.

Everyone wants the secret to getting people to buy their book. To be honest I don’t think there is one.

You have to write a good book and then introduce that book to the right reader.   If they enjoy your book, then you’ve found your reader.

It’s not hard, it just takes time and we all want our readers right now.

Think about the last book you bought.

Was it by your favorite author?

Was it by someone new?

What interested you about the book?

Was it the cover?

Was it the blurb on the back?

Was it because others were talking about it and you wanted to see what the hype was about?

Now think about a new reader, they are considering these things too when it comes to your book.

If you are a new author, the cover has to pop, the blurb has to draw them in and they have to see others are talking about it before they make their decision.

So it takes time for them to click to purchase.

So the next time you want to post BUY MY BOOK.  Think about those questions, is your potential new reader ready to buy your book?  Have you built up the trust that your book is ready for them to buy?

Continue to entice them with your promotions, (give them a glimpse into the book, share a few characters) because when they are ready they will buy.

What made you purchase the last book you bought?

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