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Articles are a good way to promote your books. You can discuss a topic you are an expert in and introduce readers to you, your book and your site.


Pick 5 topics and write (5) 500 – 800 word articles about these topics. Include a bio, link to your site and a short blurb about your book.

How to use for promotion

Submit your articles to online magazines or guest blog on different blogs.

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  1. Yeah, submitting articles to other blogs make a great way to get out there. 🙂

  2. Great advice… though I’m not entirely convinced I am expert in anything but silliness… Ah well, work with what you got, eh?

  3. Thank you for this enlightening article! I couldn’t agree more. Less is more and repetition is the way to get in, and stay in, people’s minds.

    –Mee (from The Chinese Quest)

  4. Misha,

    Thank you for stopping by the blog. I agree submitting articles is good way to get your name out there.

  5. Hart Johnson,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. You might suprise yourself on what you’re an expert on.

    Somebody might need some tips on how to be silly because they are to serious.

  6. Mee Magnum

    Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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