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Most writers think they don’t have time for daily promotion. However if you take time to schedule your promotion, you can have promotions going out every day and it look like you are a busy little writer.


I use Hootsuite.com to schedule my promotion. I love it for when I go on vacation. I’m still promoting, and I’m away enjoying my vacation. You can do the same.

How to use for promotion

Pick one day to schedule your daily posts. For example I send out a daily motivation post and a daily promotion tip. Create your own posts and send something out daily.

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  1. Thank for the tip. I will have to check out Hootsuite.

  2. Interesting way to stay out there, even when you are away. I’m sure that Hootsuite can address many self promotional needs for a variety of topics.

  3. Mee thanks for stopping buy. I like hootsuites, very user friendly

  4. Thanks for stopping by Stephanie. Your promotion can continue even when you don’t feel like promoting.

  5. I used to go with Hootsuite, but now my go to planner is Post Planner. (However, I pay $ for it. It gives me options that I need.) If you want a good free planner, Hootsuite is a good choice.

    Precious Monsters

  6. I use Hootsuit and it’s so handy. Though I don’t use it for promotion, I don’t have a book yet 🙂

  7. I use hootsuite as well, and I agree it’s great when I go away.

  8. During blog visits, if a writer has ready-made tweets for book promos, then I just copy, paste and tweet as I come across them.
    I’ve heard about Hootsuite, but don’t know how it really works.
    Michelle Wallace recently posted…D is for Devout DespairMy Profile

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