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An interview is a fun way to promote your book and meet new readers. Take time to schedule one or two interviews a month.

Below are a few tips to help with your interviews.

1. Complete the interview.

A lot of authors miss their opportunity for an interview because they don’t complete the interview.

2. Copy and paste the interview

Most blogs/sites copy and paste the interview to their posts. It’s a lot easier for them if you copy and paste the interview with the questions and answers in tack. Don’t make extra work for them by just sending them the answers and no questions. You don’t want them trying to figure out which answer goes with which question.

3. Include a picture

Readers like to see what the author looks like. If you don’t have pictures, invest in yourself and get professional pictures taken.

4. Include an email or contact info.

Readers like sending emails or letters to their favorite author. They can’t do this if you don’t have a way to contact you. Include a link to your website, invite the reader to stop by and join your mailing list.

5. Be on time

Make sure your completed interview reaches the site/blog in time for them to post on the date scheduled.

6. Visit the site/blog featuring your interview.

Take time to visit the site/blog to see what the interview looks like. Check to see everything you sent is featured. The links are correct, no typos. Errors can be made, however if you don’t say anything the site/blog owner will never know.

If it’s a blog, leave a comment for the readers. Blog visitors like to see that the featured author, took time to say hello. Make time to answer a few questions.

7. Offer an autograph book or prize for a lucky winner.

Contests are always good ways to draw readers. An extra plus you have a new person to add to your mailing list.

8. Send out an announcement to your mailing list, newsletter and social media.

Let your readers know about your interview. This will introduce them to the site/blog and they learn a little more about you, their favorite author.

9. Include a link on your site.

This is a nice way to say thanks to the person interviewing you. Links are forever and whenever someone reads the post. They can click on the interview and visit a new site.

10. Send a thank you note/email

This will let the site/blog owner know you appreciate the interview and that you also saw the interview. You can also let them know you’re available for future interviews.

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  1. These are all really useful tips, not just for author’s being interviewed, but also for people looking to interview authors as well. 🙂
    Cait recently posted…Weekly Rundown: Pandemonium & PostMy Profile

  2. Hello there.
    Thanks for sharing. Just making my way around the challenge.
    P.S. I like how your background moves!
    Entrepreneurial Goddess recently posted…A to Z Challenge | J is for JEWELLERYMy Profile

  3. Cait,

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad the post was helpful.
    LaShaunda recently posted…A to Z Challenge – I is for InterviewMy Profile

  4. Entrepreneurial Goddess,

    Thanks for stopping by. I like the moving circles too. They were what sold me on the buying the site.
    LaShaunda recently posted…A to Z Challenge – I is for InterviewMy Profile

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