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When you start promoting your books, there are few jargons that come up a lot. Here are few :

Blurb – A short summary of your book that is normally used for the text on the back of the book

Synopsis – A summary of the major points of your book. It’s usually a longer than the blurb. Sometimes they can be 1-2 pages or 1-25 pages depending on who is requesting it.

ARC—Advance Reading Copy, an uncorrected proof, or bound galley proof of a manuscript that is sent out to book reviewers.

Genre—A category of literary works (romance, mystery, historical, suspense, etc.).

Theme—The main subject that is being discussed or described in a piece of writing.

The letter J was a letter I was stuck on so I asked a few writer friends for some help. This suggestion was submitted by Angelia Vernon Menchan. Please stop by her site and check out her BOOKS.


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