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When it comes to promotion consistency is very important. I recommend to my clients to keep a calendar. It will help you be consistent. Using a social media manager like hoot suite is also another way to keep you consistent.

When you do it sporadic you let other things get in your way and before you know it you’re not promoting.

Tip: Create a promotion calendar. It will include your social media schedule, your schedule for live events, your schedule for interviews and all things you plan to do for your promotion.

Then stick to it daily. When those book sells start coming in, you will be happy you stay consistent.

The letter K was a letter I was stuck on so I asked a few writer friends for some help. This suggested was submitted by Candas Ifama Barnes. Please stop by her site and check out HER.



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  1. Just stopping by to fulfill my assignment and I learned a lot along this A-Z challenge. Keep em coming.

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