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Here are five ways to get the most out an online conference

 1. Participate – Join in on the discussions, share your wisdom, meet new people, have a little fun. There is always a chance to introduce yourself and you book, take advantage of this and toot your own horn.

 2.  Links – make sure you include a link to your website with every post.  You want those in attendance to stop by your website.  They can’t visit if you don’t share your website address.

 3. Invite – Do you have an email list or newsletter? Invite the attendees to sign up for your newsletter.

 4. Donate – Make donations to the conference. Attendees love winning prizes.  Guess who they will be talking about if they win your fabulous prize?

 5.  Sponsorship – Become a sponsor. Most sponsorship consists of some sort of advertisement.  This is a great way to stay in front of the attendees, because they have a program they keep with your information in it. 



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