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Do you set SMART Goals? What are SMART Goals? SMART is a term created by George T. Doran which stands for: Specific Your goals should be very specific. Measurable Your goals should be measurable. So you know when you reached them. Attainable Your goals should be attainable. Don’t set goals you’ll never reach. Realistic Your goals should be realistic, something you can complete and you have control over. Timely Your goals should have a deadline.
Most writers don’t think about their readers when they start writing their books. However, this is the perfect time to imagine who will be reading your books. You want to cater your writing to this reader. You want to be able to touch deep inside of their heart. Answer the following questions about you reader? What age is your reader? What gender? Where does your reader live? How much does your reader make? What is
Most writers don’t ask questions when it comes to their promotions, so they don’t get the help they need to get their books out there. Do you accept indie books for review? How much does it cost to feature my book in your magazine? How do I set up a mailing list? How do I use a social media manager? Don’t be afraid to ask questions when it comes to your promotion. Do you have