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Do you set SMART Goals?

What are SMART Goals? SMART is a term created by George T. Doran
which stands for:

Your goals should be very specific.

Your goals should be measurable. So you know when you reached them.

Your goals should be attainable. Don’t set goals you’ll never reach.

Your goals should be realistic, something you can complete and you
have control over.

Your goals should have a deadline. You want to complete your goals,
not have one that is never ending.

As a writer you have different sets of goals:

Personal Goals
Writing Goals
Marketing Goals
Business Goals

Schedule some time to work on your goals.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to make a long list of goals. Last year I learned to have a short list no more than 5. Shorter list are easier to focus on and you can create a plan to work each goal.

Take each goal and break them down into bite size actions. Add these actions to you calendar and each week work on your goals.

Goals – Bite size actions – Schedule – Do the work = Completed goals.


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  1. I’ve seen this somewhere or other. It’s good advice.
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