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Facebook is good platform for building relationships with readers. Tips: Read this article for tips on what not to do on Facebook See Ya On The Net Newsletter How To Use For Promotion Take time to interact with your readers. This is your chance to get to know your readers.  Use them for your book research, show them excerpts of your book, ask them questions about what they like and don’t like about your books.
My next tip you would think would be something every writer does, you would be surprised by how many don’t.  EMAIL SIGNATURE This is one of the cheapest ways you can market your book, and it’s the best way to talk about your book without saying a word.. You can change it up weekly or monthly.   What is a signature? A signature is a mini bio. I’ve seen some introduce the author, some introduce a
Check out my current issue of See Ya On The Net. What Facebook No-Nos have you dealt with?
Most writers think they don’t have time for daily promotion. However if you take time to schedule your promotion, you can have promotions going out every day and it look like you are a busy little writer. Tip I use Hootsuite.com to schedule my promotion. I love it for when I go on vacation. I’m still promoting, and I’m away enjoying my vacation. You can do the same. How to use for promotion Pick one
You’d be surprised how many writers don’t have a contact me page or link on their website. You are missing out on good promotion opportunities because there is no way to contact you. Always include a way for readers, media and others to contact you. Tip I suggested you have two contact links, one for your readers and one for media/others. When you see these messages you will know exactly who they are from. How
Looking for a way to meet new readers online, book clubs are the way to go. The readers are honest about the books they read and you can ask them questions about what they are looking for in a good book. Tip Join a few online book clubs. Be a member, read the book, participate. Get to know the readers. Don’t use it as place to promote your book. Use it as a way to
Articles are a good way to promote your books. You can discuss a topic you are an expert in and introduce readers to you, your book and your site. Tips Pick 5 topics and write (5) 500 – 800 word articles about these topics. Include a bio, link to your site and a short blurb about your book. How to use for promotion Submit your articles to online magazines or guest blog on different blogs.