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When Women Become Business Owners

(A Stepping Into Victory Compilation Book 1)

Are you a business owner? A freelancer? A stay-at-home mom? Are you still working a nine-to-five job, but dream of working for yourself?

There is great joy and risk to becoming an entrepreneur. This anthology seeks to provide hope for the journey and a roadmap for finding balance as an entrepreneur.

According to the 2014 The State of Women-Owned Business Report, the number of women-owned firms in the United States has increased by 68%—a rate 1½ times the national average. The female business owners range from stay-at-home mom to owners of million-dollar businesses.

When Women Become Business Owners provides solid business and faith-based advice from real female entrepreneurs. Find wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement for those times when you may find road blocks or fear trying to snatch your dream away.


I’m excited to announce that I’m a part of this amazing new book.  I get to share my journey to becoming a magazine publisher.

My story is one of 25 stories that offer advice about being a business owner.  Each story inspires you to be a better business owner.

5 Lessons I Learned On The Road To Become A Magazine Publisher

1. Create A Mailing List
2. Think About The Future
3. Calendars Are Your Friends
4. Don’t Be An Island
5. Get Offline Sometimes

Read my story and the other 24 business owner’s stories and get inspired.

Order Your Autographed Copy Today $14.99 plus $4.00 S/H

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