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I’m trying a new platform called Periscope. It’s live streaming. I decided to try it to conquer my fear of getting in front of the camera. I’ve been talking about doing videos for two years and the I’m gonna had been winning out.

I’d heard about Periscope when it first hit the web, but I didn’t really understand it. A friend name Candas invited me to her scope and I was hooked.

It took me a week to convince myself to do my first scope, but I will admit it wasn’t as bad as I feared. I was nervous but I just kept going.

I think my only issue with Periscope is that your broadcasts only last for 24 hours. I’m assuming because it saves on conserving all those broadcasts, you would need a super server to keep them all.

So I recommend checking out the broadcasts live or the replays quickly or you will miss out on some good stuff.

I like the sharing of information. I’ve learned a lot about business, marketing, periscoping and life from the scopes I follow and I look forward to learning more. To me a good platform teaches, if you’re not learning why waste your time.

I plan on sharing my scopes here. Once I figure out how to load them to the site, you will be able to watch the replays if you miss them on periscope because I’ve been saving mine. Yes you can save them to your phone. I’ve been downloading mine to dropbox.

You have to download the app to your phone or you can watch it online if you have the link.  My user ID is SORMAG.

I didn’t know you couldn’t change your user ID when you sign on.  So if you have more than one account with twitter, make sure you use the account you want to be known for.   I’m SORMAG/LaShaunda so I’m OK with it for now.

Here’s my latest scopes – http://katch.me/sormag

Are you scoping?  Leave your user ID and I’ll pop in and check you out. 

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  1. Never heard of this site. Not sure how I feel about the short amount of time a broadcast is available; seems like you’d do a lot of work for little exposure. Might another platform like Blog Talk Radio or Spreaker work better. Would love to hear your opinion on this, LaShaunda!
    Shonell Bacon recently posted…Rock the Tiara with Pachet Spates, The Enduring OptimistMy Profile

  2. I’ve been periscoping our radio show for 3 weeks now. I love the APP too! The Trent T Daniel Morning Show KJOZRadio.com 880am 6am – 10am M-F. This is a great read LaShaunda!

  3. LaShaunda Hoffman I’ve been periscoping for 3 weeks for our radio, Trent T Daniel Morning Show. It’s a fun app.

  4. When you save them on yr phone, can you later upload them to your youtube if you want?
    Sylvia Hubbard recently posted…Thx @Amazon for giving The #BlackFamilySeries their own page #amreadingMy Profile

  5. I’m thinking about doing story time of upcoming books that I’m going to be releasing. initially short stories and then producing them on Amazon for people to buy if they missed me telling them the story. Later on I’ll uplad these videos to youtube to coincide with the promotion of the larger book these short stories are connected with
    Sylvia Hubbard recently posted…Thx @Amazon for giving The #BlackFamilySeries their own page #amreadingMy Profile

  6. I can’t wait to give it a try. I am still camera shy but this gives me motivation to start.
    Cynthia W. recently posted…It’s True: Your Wedding Guests Will Really Love These FavorsMy Profile

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