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1. What is your definition of success? 2. Write down what you are afraid of when it comes to success 3. Write down what will happen if you become success 4. Make a plan to work on the fears you wrote down 5. Your mindset can be changed TIPS 1. Pray 2. Do what you fear the most 3. Believe in yourself and your business 4. Don’t compare yourself to someone’s else’s. Your journey is
We all have choices. We can choose to watch t.v. every day and not write. We can choose to hang out with our friends every weekend and not write. We can go to the gym or do other things and avoid writing. We can talk on the phone until the wee hours and not write. These are the choices that we make. As a writer you have to make the choices that are best for
I decided to revisit some posts I did on fear. I wanted to share my fears about writing, to show you how far I’ve come and how far you can come too. Don’t let fear stop you from working on your dreams. Don’t be stuck for years like I was, just living and not doing what I truly wanted to do.  LCH This year I chose the word Fear as my word of the year.
I created a hashtag to use on the new platform – Periscope. It’s for writers to use to let other writers or readers know they are scoping about writing or books. #periwriters If you are a writer on periscope, use this hashtag so we can find you and follow.