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I decided to revisit some posts I did on fear. I wanted to share my fears about writing, to show you how far I’ve come and how far you can come too.

Don’t let fear stop you from working on your dreams. Don’t be stuck for years like I was, just living and not doing what I truly wanted to do.  LCH

This year I chose the word Fear as my word of the year.

I’ve decided to conquer the word in my life. I’ve let it stop me from pursuing my dreams and I’m no longer going to let it rule my being.

I will write about my fears because sometimes if you talk about them you can get past them.

1st fear – Not good enough

I think this fear popped up with the first rejection and it continued to grow as I continued to write and submit my ideas. As a writer you don’t know if anyone will like your stories until you let them read them. For years I kept my stories in the closest. The first book I wrote for years because I didn’t have a clue about submitting. When I was stationed in San Diego I found found a copy of Writer’s Digest at a book store, that began my lessons on learning to write. I learned you had to submit to be able to get published.

I submitted a query letter to Harlequin, this was the time before AA romances, so I was sent a form letter saying they weren’t looking for these type of books. I was devastated and that’s when the first fear crept in.

Looking back at this I can say the good thing about this rejection was that it made me move to the next book. An idea about another story popped in my mind and I spent many evenings and weekends in front of my word processor.

Fear can stop you from trying new things and I’m thankful I didn’t let it stop me from writing. The words continued to come even though I was worried they weren’t good enough.

I will admit this fear is still inside, but I’m learning to get past it.


I still deal with fear and I’ve learned I always will.  What I do with it is what counts. I no longer use it as an excuse to not work on my dreams.

As you know I loved online radio and podcasting however this year I was suppose to tackle my fear of being in front of the camera. I kept putting it off saying my hair wasn’t right. I didn’t have cute enough clothes. Any excuse instead of admitting I wasn’t ready to tackle this fear. Then Periscope came along and I slowly begin to face this fear of being in front of the camera.

The fear is still there, but I’m learning to enjoy being in front of the camera and sharing my knowledge. Check out a video I did on fear.

Do you ever feel like your words aren’t good enough? How do you get past the fear?

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  1. Very well stated LaShaunda! Walking into the world of the unknown is beyond scary. Almost to the point where we think it’s just safer to maneuver through the “mess” I’ve been used to for so long. Once people realize there is life after failure (and most of the time a better life after failure) then they will start to embrace the power and authority they hold within themselves! Great post!
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