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I decided to revisit some posts I did on fear. I wanted to share my fears about writing, to show you how far I’ve come and how far you can come too.

Fear 2: Letting Someone Read My Manuscripts

You can’t get to published if you don’t let others read or critique your books. You have to step out of your comfort zone if you want to move forward. It took me years of I can’t do that, to letting someone other than my mother read my manuscripts.

I will recommend finding someone you feel comfortable with and who reads your genre. You want someone who gets what you write to read your manuscript. I have a few horror stories about critique partners who didn’t get my writing and sent me into writing comas for years.

I good critique group will tear your story apart but will also help you build it up into a book you can be proud of. You have to develop thick skin when it comes to your writing because there will be times when someone reading your stories will not like them. Don’t take it personal, learn from every critique and grow as a writer. Don’t think your stuff is so perfect you can’t improve it.

Yes I suffered from the there is nothing wrong with my book disease a little bit. I think every writer thinks their work is perfect when they first start, however if you plan on continuing to be a writer, you learn that you grow with each manuscript and that means making mistakes and correcting them.

This year I’m focusing on editing the books in my closet, which means a lot of critiquing. I’ve put on my coat of armor. I’m ready to learn what I need to do to make these books into publishable books.

I’m moving past the fear and moving toward critiques.


Letting someone read your manuscript is a huge fear and I still have it, but this past year I stepped out of the comfort zone and looked for beta readers for my book and they were a huge help with moving forward with the book.  Now I’m at the stage of readers reading the book and get my first wave of reviews.

I’ve received two 5 star reviews on amazon.com and they were a huge ego booster, but I know the book won’t be liked by everyone, so I’m prepared for lower ratings.  I hope they offer tips on what I need to do to improve.  You want to learn for from the lower reviews vs be mad about them.


  1. Find some beta readers for your book.  You want to ask 2-5 people to give you honest feedback on your book.  Make sure you pick people who read your genre.
  2. Create a list of questions you want to know about your book and give them this list when you submit the book to them.
  3. Read over the feedback carefully, see what you can use to improve your story.  Look for comments that are the same from each reader, sometimes reader observe the same thing.  This is important when it comes to improving or keeping something in your manuscript.

Did you have a problem with letting others read your manuscript?

What did you do to move past your writing Fears?

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  1. Yes I did. Just gave a recent book to beta readers. I KNOW it needed work. However, they loved the message. This boosted my confidence. I have to just do it. Otherwise, I do not try.
    Ashley recently posted…God, Do I Have to Be Transparent With You?My Profile

  2. I do it at least twice a year. Beta readers come to the site and read my work as I’m writing and comment on the storyline and the believability of my characters. It really makes me up my writing game hearing their critiques as I live story write even when they hate it.

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