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Having the right mindset helps a lot when it comes to writing and promotion.

When I started writing at 16, I have a wonderful mindset I was all about being a best selling author.  I dreamed big and didn’t have a problem with going after them. Over the years, I chipped at my mindset until I no longer believed in myself or my dreams.

I don’t recommend going down that path.

I do recommend staying positive when it comes to writing and promotion.

1. Believe in yourself always

As a writer, rejection is part of the business.  Not everyone is going to like your stories. However you have to like your stories you write and you have to believe that someone out there is looking for the stories you write.

2. Develop thick skin

You will hear this a lot when it comes to writing. Unfortunately it is so true. I thought I had thick skin, but I was fooling myself. I let fear keep me from seeing if I had thick skin. I let rejection stop me from submitting. I wouldn’t let anyone read my manuscripts. I shied away from doing critiques. If I really had thick skin, I wouldn’t have let rejection stop me. I would let anyone read my books and get their feedback so I could improve them.

3. Don’t let fear control you

I’ve talked about how I’ve let fear control me. I didn’t know it had anything to do with mindset. But it does. Fear is all in your head and what you say to yourself. Sometimes we can be our worse enemies. My husband told me I sabotage my own self. WOW that made me step and look at what I was doing. Was I really sabotaging myself?

Yes I was and I had to learn how to stop. I had to relearn how to believe in myself and my dreams. I started grown some thick skin and I learned that fear will be there but it doesn’t have to stop me. If it scares me it means I need to tackle it and keep it moving.

I hope these tips can help you start working on improving your mindset.

Is your mindset stopping you from writing or promoting?

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