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Friday I opened my FaceBook and the newsfeed was full of have you tried the Patti Labelle’s Pie?

I didn’t know she’d created a pie so of course I want to see what the talk is all about.

One super fan did a video that went viral.  He loved the pie, he sang about the pie he bought five pies.  Then the sharing began and no telling how many other people went and bought the pie.

Did you buy the pie?

The only thing stopping me from buying the pie, is I’m the only one who will eat it, so I couldn’t justify buying a whole pie for me to eat.

What does this teach us about promotion?

WORD OF MOUTH is powerful on social media.  All it takes is one post to go viral and you book or product is in front of millions of people.

Do you have super fans? 

Super fans are the ones who love you no matter what you do.  Patti’s super fan sang her songs while he ate her pie.

Is your book or product worth talking about?  

How can you get your readers talking about your book or product?  Give them the best you can give them.

Share their posts.  

Patti responded to the video and shared on her page, I’m sure that helped take the video even more viral.

Don’t think what your reader or customer has to say isn’t important.  

People listen to other people.  We want to know what they think, feel and what it taste like.  If you didn’t run out and get a pie this weekend, I’m sure it was on your mind and you read more posts on what others thought about it.

Social media is a great way to promote your books or products and if you can get a reader or customer to talk about your book or product, it makes your job a little easier.

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  1. I saw that! Great example of what word of mouth can accomplish!

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