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I had my first online radio interview as a published author this month. It was with Dr. Maxine Thompson, who also was the first person to interview me about SORMAG when I first started it in 2000. I was a nervous wreck the first interview. I read somewhere if you stood while you did the interview it would help with being nervous. I will admit it helped a little. This interview I had a little
When I was a member of Romance Writers of America, the writers use to talk about getting “The Call”. It was the call you received when a publisher or editor wanted to offer you a contract to buy your book. As an aspiring writer, I dreamed of that call. This year I published my own book and I honestly thought I would continue publishing my next books. I had kind of gave up hope on
  There are few days left in the year and still time to complete a few goals.  Stay focus and do the WORK.