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Whenever I do a virtual tea session with a client, most say they feel overwhelmed by promotion. In this scope I discuss how you don’t have to be overwhelmed by promotion.     1. You Can’t Do Everything 2. Social Media – Pick A Platform You Reader Is On 3. Get Help You Don’t Have To Promote Alone What do you do so you don’t let promotion overwhelm you?   https://katch.me/SORMAG/v/35a9a557-db76-3a6b-8263-5127a437c85f
2015 was an amazing year for me. I learned a few things on the way. 1. DO IT SCARED – The biggest lesson I learned in 2015 and one I will continue using is that I can do it scared. There were a lot of things that scared me in 2015 but I didn’t let the fear control me or stop me. I continued to move forward.  I did it scared. 2. Be Ready For
I’m hosting my first Goodreads giveaway next week.  You can win a chance to get an autograph copy of Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time.  I also plan to add a few other goodies in the packet. I’m all about meeting new readers and it is my hope to meet some new readers on Goodreads. Feel free to share this post with someone who you think would like to win a copy.
In my book, Building Online Relationships I have a chapter called, How Do You Know If Its Working.  It asks a few questions about your promotion and if you are getting a return on your investment. Here are a few of the questions, you want to answer. Look at your promotion goals for last year.  Did you meet them? Did you see an increase in your mailing list and social media followers? Did you meet
Promotion starts with you and the consistent work you put in it. Here are few tips to get you started so you can ROCK your promotion in 2016. 1. You need a Promotion Mindset 2. Plan – Sit Down And Create Your Promotion Plan For 2016 3. You need a Homebase – Your website/blog with your contact information 4. You need a mailing list – Create one if you don’t have one. 5. Social Media