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In my book, Building Online Relationships I have a chapter called, How Do You Know If Its Working.  It asks a few questions about your promotion and if you are getting a return on your investment.

Here are a few of the questions, you want to answer.

  1. Look at your promotion goals for last year.  Did you meet them?
  2. Did you see an increase in your mailing list and social media followers?
  3. Did you meet your book sale goals?
  4. Did you attend any online events?  How were they?
  5. Did your reviews increase?
  6. Did you meet with any book clubs, radio shows or be featured in magazines?
  7. What did you not like doing with your promotion?
  8. What did you enjoy doing with your promotion?
  9. Did you make any new connections?
  10. What will you continue for this year?


Don’t continue doing something you get no results from.

Try something new this year. Give it three months and see if you like it.  If you don’t move on to something new.

Check out the scope I did about this topic.

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