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I’m a tools girl. I love learning about new tools or apps that help make my life easier. In this scope I share the tools I use to help me with my book promotion. 1. Evernote.com 2. Canva.com 3. Hootsuite.com 4. Madmimi.com What tools do you use to help with your book promotion?      
Have you thought about reading my book? This scope is for you. I offer 10 reason why you should read my book. Here are the five reason for this scope: 1. You want to create a promotion plan 2. You are new to promotion and don’t where to start 3. Promotion scares you 4. You don’t think you have time to promote 5. You don’t have a promotion budget. Part Two will be next week.
DO IT SCARED 2016 That’s my motto for 2016.  For too many years I’ve let fear rule me.  I’m done with living like that.  I’m all about living my life to the fullest and if it means doing things that scare me to death, that’s what I’m about to do. Here are few tips I’m going to be using to get pass the fear this year. 1. List what scares you. Sometimes when you write