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I decided to use my birthday month to introduce you to me. I thought it would be fun to share a little about me and my writing journey. My hope for these posts is to inspire someone to not give up on themselves or their dreams. Sometimes life gives you a few bumpy roads, but they are all lessons to make you a better person.

I’m the perfect example of not giving up on your dreams. When I turned 16, I asked my mother to buy me a typewriter. I was going to be the Black Jackie Collins. I was going to write a masterpiece and be on the NY Best Sellers list. Fast forward that 32 years later and I published a book, that made Amazon’s Best Seller’s list and sometimes this year I will have another book on the shelf.

If that sixteen year old had known it would take 32 years before she saw a book with her name on it, she’d probably said, oh forget it. However she was naïve and truly believed in dreams. Some days on that journey to publication, I had to revisit that sixteen year old and remember why I wrote.

My why – I love books and I always hoped to be able to leave a legacy of my words for other to read and enjoy. Books are forever and when I leave this earth, my books will be here for others to cherish.

Yes, deep down inside I’m still the naïve sixteen year old dreaming of best sellers.

What is your why? Why do you write?
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