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When I look back over my life I realize I’ve always had an entrepreneur spirit. My first business was as a babysitter. I loved children and spending time with them. Every New Year’s Eve I would have 5- 10 kids because their parents wanted to celebrate the New Year. In the summer time I was the go to babysitter for those who couldn’t afford day care. I made enough funds every summer to get my wardrobe for the next school year.

Over the years I tried my hand at dressing bears, Mary Kay, Avon, desktop publishing which focused on creating obituaries for funeral homes. In 2000, I finally found the business I would fall in love with, book promotion.

I always wanted to create a magazine. Instead offering it for print, I did it online and haven’t looked back. It has always been my dream to introduce a reader to their perfect book and I’ve had the pleasure of doing that for 15 years.

I never thought I could make money doing something I love, but over the years I found there were ways to turn this hobby into a business. It hasn’t been a road without its bumps but it has been a fun journey. I’m doing something I love and I’m ROCKING it.

Do you have the entrepreneur spirit? Are you ROCKING it?


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