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I thought I found God when I was 25 and became a Christian. As I began to grow in my faith I learned I was the lost one. God was with me when he placed me in my mom’s womb. I just had to acknowledge him as the head of my life.

When you have faith, you look at life differently. You want to know how you can serve the world. For years I wonder what my purpose was. I never looked at my writing as a ministry or that I could serve the world with my writing. I never thought that I was serving the world with my promotion.

As my faith grew, I learned my writing was a gift from God. Writing was my purpose and I could share my gift with others. God wanted me to use this gift of writing and promoting to serve the world.

I’m thankful for this gift because it is something that I love to do and hopefully something that I will be able to share with others to enjoy.

Have you found your purpose in life? How are you serving the world?

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