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I love that my hubby get’s me.  He understands my dreams and supports them.  He bought me my first computer and was my first editor for SORMAG when I first started.

When I have my pity parties about my book not selling for the week, he asks have I had a Virtual Tea with LaShaunda to get myself back on track.  He knows that this journey hasn’t been easy for me, but he will not let me give up.

Having someone supporting your dream makes the journey a much easier ride, they keep you motivated when you want to give up.

Sometimes we think our spouse don’t support us because they might not be saying much but let me give you a few ways they are.

If you have children, they are the ones watching them while you sitting at the computer for many hours.

They are the ones who have your children when you are attending those writing/business conferences.

They are the ones, cleaning the house when you are putting in the hours in your writing or business.

They are the ones, bringing home the bacon if you are doing this full time.

They are the first readers of your manuscript or your biggest seller for your products.

They listen to your rants about not selling your books or products.

They are there sitting beside you at the book events and lugging all your books or products.

This post is a big THANK YOU to our spouses who support us and keep us on our dream path.

How does your spouse support you?

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  1. That is awesome. My DH is the one who pushed me to be more than I thought I was capable of… #realsuperhero

  2. KK Harris, thanks for stopping by. It is always nice to have someone in our corner. It’s a double blessing is that person is our spouse. Because they understand how important your dream is.
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