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I was blessed with 5 sisters. Two I grew up with Stephanie and Antoinette. Two I found out about when I was 13, Bridgette and Kimberly. One I met as a baby and didn’t see her again until she was an adult when I found her on Facebook, Socrotiff.

I always wanted brothers and was blessed with nine when I married my husband, Eric, Johnny, Craig, Tim, Nathanial, Wallace, Jamel, Darren and Tarron.

Family is important to me. I enjoyed spending time with my sisters and brothers. We have our ups and down, but we are all we have and that means a lot.

My sister Kim was killed a few years ago and her death made want to be even closer to my sisters, because we are not promised forever. I have a special relationship with them all and I’m glad I can also call them my friends. They have been true supporters of my dream and I of theirs. My sisters and brothers ROCK.

How many siblings do you have?

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