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I can honestly say that I never thought I would be anyone’s coach.  I will admit, that I love every moment of it. I think I like the term mentor more.  I think coach, intimidates people, they think something is wrong with them when they need a coach. 

So not true, a coach is there to help you become better in whatever is challenging you.  There’s nothing wrong with getting help with challenges.  That’s how you grow and improve.

 As a coach, I get to help writers or business owners create their promotion goals and successfully meet them.

I love seeing the excitement my client has for their book or business explode in their promotion.  They can see the results of their promotion and they know their hard work has paid off.  That gives me goosebumps. 

Serving others is an important part of being a coach, it’s not about making lots of money, it’s about helping someone get from point A to point B.  Sometimes it can be a hard journey but when they get there, they are so happy and so pleased with themselves.  That’s priceless.

How do you serve your community?

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