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When I decided I wanted to be a writer I had a lot of hope.  Hope that one day someone would like my story enough to want to publish it.  Hope that my book would be read by someone who enjoyed it.  Hope that I would continue to write more books that sold and were read.

If you are a writer you know sometimes hope is all you have when your publication journey takes years vs months.  There were many years I tried to give up on me and my writing, but that spark of hope continued to glow inside.  The flame of hope woke me in the middle of the night to rush to the bathroom with my notepad.  It was there those days I thought my writing was putting SORMAG together.  It continued to glow when my friends published and had successful writing career, reminding me it could happen for me too.  It was there when I chose to self-publish my first book and the fear was trying to convince me not to publish.

Having hope is a good thing because it what fights against your fear and inner negative thoughts.  It’s what makes you continue to write because it believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself.

I’m thankful for the hope that continues to glow inside me.   I’m thankful for hope continuing to push me forward on this writing journey?

Is there a flame of hope inside of you?

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