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15 Random Things About Me

  1.  I love romantic movies
  2. I like dancing in the kitchen
  3. Popcorn and grilled cheese are my comfort food
  4. I love bacon. It’s the only pork that I eat
  5. I joined the Navy my junior in high school
  6. I wrote my first book when I was 16
  7. I bought my first adult coloring book this year. Coloring relaxes me
  8. I have a new hobby called Pocket Letters
  9. I have a fan girl crush on Jamie Fraser from The Outlanders Series
  10. I enjoy listening to a book on audio
  11. Some days I can’t believe I’m someone’s mom.
  12. I’m truly thankful for the days the Lord carries me
  13. My longest friendship started in the 4th grade.
  14. I met my husband when I was freshman in high school
  15. My mother was my first super fan.
  16. Guess who is turning 49 this month? Help me celebrate by ordering a copy of my book Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time. I have a goal of selling 49 copies by my birthday – March 19th.

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