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I’m gonna use to be my favorite word.

I’m gonna write a book. I’m gonna go to Paris. I’m gonna see the world. I’m gonna do videos.  Over the years I realized I was saying I’m gonna and not doing a dog on thing but talk.

I’m gonna was a part of my fear mentality. It was easy to say what I’m gonna do instead of sitting down creating a plan and making it happen.

It was time to change the stinking thinking.

I will, I AM.

When I created the plan and started working in it. I changed the I’m gonna write a book to I wrote a book and I published it. My dream of going to Paris is becoming a reality next year.

I’m making plans and working those plans instead of just talking about it. Things don’t change when you just talk about it.

Yesterday I finally finished a project I was gonna do two years ago, create a video channel on You Tube.  I conquered the video fear.  Check out my new channel .


Yes that stinking thinking will sneak up on me every now and then, but I have a plan for it and I don’t let it take me away from my vision. I’m done with I’m gonna. It’s no longer in my vocabulary. I’m all about getting it done.

How do you change your stinking thinking?


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