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I joined the Navy when I was 17 my junior year in high school.  The first year before I was sworn in we learned what the Navy was all about.  We had guest speakers who were in the navy come and talk to us about their experiences.

I’d never been out of St. Louis but once in my life when we went to Kansas City for church event.  I was excited about seeing the world and being on a ship.

I did get to see a little of the world, but the only way I saw a ship was from a distant.  I was a shore duty sailor.  My first duty station was Guam a little island between Hawaii and Japan.  I had never heard of the place, and I was the only person in my boot camp company to go there.  So I was started my adventure all alone.

I had an amazing time in Guam.  I learned I could take care of me, I fell in love for the second time and I learned a few jobs one included being a military police.  Yes, little old me carried a gun and earned a medal for shooting.

My next duty station was San Diego. It was training station so I was part of the staff who supported the students that came through the many training courses.  Again I didn’t know anyone here,  I had to depend on me.  I learned how to catch the trolley and explored San Diego on my own.

My last duty station was Pensacola Fl.  I loved Florida.  I was stationed at a base that scored the military tests.  There I chose to be a supply clerk and that’s what I did while was there, provided supplies for the base.  Here I moved off base with a friend.  I got my first car and I moved up in rank.

I had an amazing time in the military and I’m thankful I was able to serve my country. I did a lot of growing up and it helped me become the woman I am today.

Where were you stationed in the military?

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