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Ice cream is one of my comfort foods. When I was in the navy I fell in love with a Baskin Robins flavor – Caramel Chocolate Crunch. It was a vanilla ice cream, swirled with caramel and tiny bits of chocolate cookies.

I think I ate three scoops every day the whole time I was Guam. When I returned stateside, I search for this ice cream. I couldn’t find it for years. No Baskin Robins had it or heard of it. I was sad because I loved that ice cream and never imagined I would never taste it again.

Fast forward to now, I saw a post on FB about a gelato made by Talenti called Caramel Chocolate Crunch. Could it be my favorite ice cream I’d been searching for? I went to three stores looking for it. I found some and bought it as my birthday treat.

OMG it was the flavor I’d search for years. My only complaint is it comes in a small cup vs a gallon. I enjoyed my birthday treat and I’m happy to know that I won’t leave this earth without having my favorite ice cream again.

What is your favorite ice cream?


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