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Today we are going to discuss self-promotion. This past week we loss a music genius, Prince, if you were on social media, you saw many people talking about him. They were sharing posts, they were sharing videos. They were sharing their Prince stories. They didn’t have a problem with talking about him and how his music touched them. Saturday night, Beyonce introduced her new CD – Lemonade. Social media went crazy again. Some people loved
You made the decision to work with me.  Now you are ready to get started with creating your promotion plan. First we will look at your promotion goals?  You will create goals for the year. Then we take those goals and create monthly goals.  The goals will be what you use to create your promotion plan for the year. Each month you will have a plan for what to do with your promotion. We will
  When I decided to go natural I honestly didn’t think it would be a big deal.  Man was I in for a rude awakening.  I started a journey to learn more about me and my hair and what made us happy. When it came to my hair I never thought about it as being happy but as the years passed I realized that I had to listen to my hair and not to what
I’m always asked how to write a book.  I always say, to sit down and write.  It’s easy to say you want to write a book, the hard part is writing the book.  Many people will leave this earth because they want make time to write the book that’s in there heart.  They’d rather talk about it. I was that way for many years.  I loved talking about writing, but I wasn’t doing much writing. 
Your first step with working with me would be to fill out my discovery survey. The survey will give me a chance to see what kind of help you need with your promotion. It also will let you know a few things we will discuss when we chat on the phone. Answer each question, no answer is wrong, so don’t feel intimidated if you don’t have a website or like social media, that’s Ok, answer