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Your first step with working with me would be to fill out my discovery survey. The survey will give me a chance to see what kind of help you need with your promotion. It also will let you know a few things we will discuss when we chat on the phone. Answer each question, no answer is wrong, so don’t feel intimidated if you don’t have a website or like social media, that’s Ok, answer no and move to the next question.

The second step is to decide when is a good time for us to chat. Schedule your time and you are on your way to working with me.

The third step is the virtual tea session – the telephone call. The call can be 30 minutes for the free session or 45 – 60 minutes if you paid for the session.

I suggest you have a pen and pad so you can take notes.

I will ask you about your promotion challenges and we will discuss them. I will offer you some tips to help you start promoting. We will discuss if you will like to continue working with me.

If you decide to continue working, we decide on a plan that fits your budget and we schedule your calendar for your sessions.

Next week will talk more about working with a promotion coach.

Are you ready to start the process complete the survey – http://bit.ly/1OL05mJ

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