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I read a good blog post I want to share here. Click the title to read.

Top 5 Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make

by Lamar Tyler

He shared five mistakes most entrepreneurs make and I was guilty of all five.  Take a moment to read his post, then read my response.

I made all five of these mistakes. Fear was a big issue for me and I still struggle with it. However with most mistakes you hope to learn from them and I have.

1. Fear of failure – Remember your why. It will help you move past the fear

2.Pursuing Perfection – Perfection will stop you from moving forward. It will never be perfect, just put it out there and make corrections later.

3.Paralysis by Analysis – Analysis after you launch. Just do it.

4. Offering Your Services to People Who Don’t Want It – Everybody isn’t your customer. I tell my clients this all the time. Find your niche.

5. Not Investing in yourself – Once I stopped thinking I couldn’t afford it, I saw a big change in my business. I bought systems I needed, I got a coach.

Thanks for this Lamar, great reminder for where I’ve come from.

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  1. Great information! Paralysis by Analysis is real…At some point, you’ve taken enough courses and it’s time to “just do it!”

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