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It hit me the other day that I’m a published author because of my
mother’s death. I asked myself would I have walked past my fears if she were alive and I had to answer no. When she was alive I was afraid to deal with my fears. I wasn’t even acknowledging them.

Her death woke me up to all the things I wasn’t doing in my life.
She’d always believed I’d be published and I felt like I let her down
because I never made it happened.

I believed I wasn’t in control of my writing career.  Heck I was afraid
of having a career. What if I wasn’t successful? What if they hated
my books?

The fear had stopped me from believing in me.

Experiencing a loss is hard but each one wakes you up to what are you
doing with your life.

Are you living the life you want?

I answered no and made a change.

You can make a change too.

What has fear stopped you from doing?


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