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I told you all my exciting news of being picked up by Brown Girls Publishing.  Now I have to share my sad/exciting news.  There were a few changes with Brown Girls Publishing and I’ve decided to publish my own book.  Yes I’m a little sad to not work with a publisher, but very excited to try my hand at publishing fiction.

My book is currently with an editor and she informed me she would be sending it back to me soon.  OMG I tried not to panic.  This is real.  I’m heading toward another published book.

Most people dread the editing stage of their book, but I’m excited to take my book up a few notches.  I’ve wanted to be a published author so long I think I’ve learned that the hard parts are the best parts.

Am I scared, you better believe it.  I’ll probably freak out when the book comes.  I’m working on my publishing plan trying to figure out what I want to do.

  1.  I need reviewers
  2. I need a cover
  3. I need to find places to promote the book
  4. I need to determine a release date (that really scares me)
  5. I need to go over the edits and send out to a proofreader

That’s just a few to get me started.  This new journey in my publishing life is beginning and I want to share it with you.  I need encouragement and words of wisdom if you’ve been on this journey and help me stay clear of the bumps in the road.  Please share I will promise to listen.

If you’ve never been on this journey, learn from my mistakes, so when you are ready you have your ducks in a row too.


What advice would you offer me as I publish my first fiction book?

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  1. Make a plan. And start working that plan NOW.

  2. You can do it, Lashaunda! You’re not new to this business. If you need any help, got questions, you have my number. You’ll do phenomenal! So happy for you!

  3. I know the feeling.. I’ll be publishing my debut book sometime soon. And already I’m wracked with nerves.. Good luck on your publishing journey, my friend!
    Richard Hunsucker recently posted…5 Star Trend Profit ReviewMy Profile

  4. Thanks Sylvia for repeating what I say to my clients back to me. I needed to hear it.

    Jessica Thank you. I’m excited to see what I can do.

    Richard, thank you for stopping by. Good luck with your publishing journey too. My best advice to you is to enjoy every moment. It goes by fast.

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