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If you know me, you know I love a good group.  I even host a few groups myself.  I’ve made some amazing connections from the groups I’m in and I’ve met many clients from these groups.  For the next few Thursdays, I will be sharing some of my favorite groups with you.

My advice is to check them out.  See if they are a good fit for you, and then participate. Groups are about participating, not lurking.  You might surprise yourself and have a few things to share.

I’m going to start with the business groups. 

Lady Boss Level


Is hosted by Erica Hood-Vincent – she’s is amazing business coach who is all about how to work your business in these digital streets.  Erica offers trainings, one on one coaching and she just started a membership site.  If you have challenges with closing the sale, this is the group to join.

Traffic Sales & Profit w/ Lamar Tyler


I’m all about learning how to make sales online, and this group is all about showing you how.  Lamar Tyler is the host and he shares his wisdom in posts and trainings.  If you run an online business this is the group for you.

Sister Power Hustlers with Michelle Y. Talbert


Michelle Y Talbert is the host for this group.  I found Michelle on Periscope and I loved what she was sharing about running your business.  She shares social media advice, business advice and women empowerment all rolled up in one.  If you want to know what’s hot in business now, this is the group to join.

Prosperous Female Entrepreneur Circle


This group is hosted by Brandy Butler.  She is a business coach.   I met her online, but connected with her offline because we are in the same city.  Brandy is all about building your online business and she also offers training and one on one coaching.  If you are ready to take your online business to the next level, this is the group for you.

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs


If you are looking for a Christian based business group, this is the group from you.  Shae Bynes teaches on how to build your business God’s way.  They offer training, podcasts and have a membership site. My favorite part about being in this group is the Firestarter weekly trainings they have for each business service. Each week you get group mentoring from Shae and learn from others in attendance.   

#HeartHustlers™ with Zach Spuckler


I met Zach on Periscope and he started a group for his followers and those who had attended his classes.  I like this group because he offers training and advice to help you create your digital content.  I also like that the members are willing to share their wisdom too.  If you create digital content, this is the group to join.

SistaSense Power Circle


Lashanda Henry is the host of this group.  LaShaunda is an online business mentor. She hosts trainings and workshops to help you build your online business.  I’ve learned a lot from LaShanda about maintaining my online business.  If you are a newbie or need some help with your online business. This is the group for you.  Make sure take advantage of Lashanda’s training.

Brand Hustle Cashflow w/ Jai Stone


Jai Stone is the host of this group. I met Jai a few years ago when I attend a conference hosted by Lashanda Henry.  I became a follower and when she got on Periscope, I was there watching her scopes.  Jai is a Master Brand Coach and she shares her wisdom on branding.  I love that she’s honest and straight to the point.  If you want to learn more about branding, this is the group to be in.

Coach, Speak & Serve™ Lounge


Aprille Franks-Hunt is the host of this group.  I was invited to this group by my business Coach, LaTara V. Bussey.  She knew I wanted to branch out to speaking and she thought this group would help me.  It has definitely kicked me out of my comfort zone.  I like the trainings they offer and that members are willing to share their wisdom or advice when it comes to becoming a coach, or speaker.  If you are a coach or looking into becoming a speaker.  This is the group for you.

Empowering/Business Groups

Women Emerge Community


This group is hosted by LaTara V. Bussey.  She is a Vision Casting Coach.  I’ve known her for many years and have trained under her coaching for a couple of years.  She knows her stuff and her group is amazing.  The women are all about serving and sharing their wisdom about, life, family, and business.  If you are looking for a great women empowering/business group this is the group for you.

Self-Assured Woman Movement™


This group is hosted by Tamika Sims.  I met Tamika in the Coach Speak And Serve group and we just clicked.  We push each other in our businesses, so when she decided to create a group last year, of course I became a member and it was a wonderful decision.  This group hosts training and it’s all about building collaborations and serving one another.  The ladies in the group are so encouraging.  They want the best out of life and they push each other to strive for the best.  Tamika has started a movement that I’m happy to be a part of.

If you are looking for a group to help make you into a better person, this is the group to be in.

Stilettos, Sweats and Suits


This group is hosted by T Renee Smith.  I met her online too and joined her group when she started it.  What I love about this group is the daily empowering posts T Renee shares.  They are a great way to start your day.  I also like that the members share their encouragement and business tips.  If you looking for a group that focus on empowering and business, this is the group for you.


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  1. Very informative post. I need to be more active in groups but so many things compete for my attention…

  2. Thanks for the information.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Jackie and Kim. Jackie I make time for my groups. They help make the day go by.
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