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Today I celebrate one year as a published author and as a book publisher.  I want to share a few lessons I learned on the way.

  1. Everybody Is Not Your Reader – I teach this to my promotion clients, and I’m so glad I constantly reminded myself of this lesson daily. You want everybody to buy your book but everybody is not going to buy your book.  Especially those you supported in the past.  Just because you bought their book doesn’t mean they will buy your book.  That’s not how it works. No one owes you.

Be thankful for those who do choose to buy your books each new reader counts.

  1. Know Your Reader – I thought I knew my reader when I published my book, but I had to have a virtual tea session with LaShaunda and revisit my reader. Who truly was this book for?  In my head I said it was for writers.  However after the second tea session, I had to break it down even further.

Sometimes you have to do that with your book.  Knowing who your reader is will help you so much when it comes to making decisions about your book promotion.

  1. Book Promotion Is HARD When It’s YOUR Book. – I can promote everybody and their mama’s books, but when it came to my own. As I told someone the other day.  This little butterfly tried to go back into her cocoon.  The fear tried to take over and convince me I couldn’t do it.  I took the advice of TL James who told me at a conference to pretend I was someone else.  So I became Shaun.  Shaun wasn’t afraid to open her mouth and talk about her book.  I could be LaShaunda when I get back home.

You are your best seller when it comes to your book.  If you can’t talk about your book who can?

  1. Being On The Amazon Bestselling List Is Nice – But it takes hard work, and it’s not forever. I made the list the following week after my book released.  I almost missed it because I was thinking I’d missed my opportunity the first week. NO!  That’s not how it works.  I’m thankful my sister made me look or I would have missed my moment.

Enjoy your glory when it’s your moment and know another book is always around the corner to knock you out of your spot.

  1. Getting A Fan Letter Is The BOMB! – Yes I’m telling my age, but I can’t think of another word to say it. My first letter sent me to the moon and I know I smiled for the next six months.  The best part is the letter started an amazing friendship.  I know that was a God thing.

Make time to read and respond to your emails from readers.  Treat them like the gold they are.  Your readership is what makes your writing career.

  1. Enjoy The Little Things – I’m sure my Facebook Fam got sick of me posting, I sold a book. I mailed some books.  I’m an Amazon best seller this week.  I just had to get my praise on.  God knows how long I’ve wanted to be a published author and I was going to enjoy every moment of it.

Enjoy the moments so you don’t get caught up in the I’m not selling any books rants.  Book sales can drive you crazy, so remember the reason you are a writer.

  1. Events Are Great, But Don’t Get Mad If You Don’t Sell Anything. – This is a hard lesson because you so want to sell all 50 books you lugged all the way to the event. You don’t want to go home with all those books.  I went home with all those books, but I came away with new connections.  I learned that you can’t sit behind the table at an event.  You have to talk to the people attending and to the authors vending.  Don’t sit around pissed off because your book isn’t selling.  Make some lemonade out of those lemons.

Have goals for every event you attend.

  1. Your Book Can Open You Into A Whole New World – I never dreamed I would go into promotion coaching, and that I would love being a teacher. I so enjoy sharing how to promote your book and I love seeing my butterflies, spread their wings and showcase all they have learned from me.  I enjoy teaching workshops and I started doing live streaming because of my book.

Your book can open up different streams of income – speaking, teaching, and workshop presenting.  Be open to trying something new.

  1. Building Your Readership Is Hard – but it is so worth it. Each reader I’ve met has blessed me so much.  I’m truly thankful to be able to help them in their promotion.

One reader at a time, that’s what I teach and it is so true.

  1. Being An Author ROCKS! – This lesson is so worth the wait. I always dreamed of being a published author, but not as non-fiction writer.  I’m glad I entered the publishing world this way because I could use everything I’d learned about promoting SORMAG, old school promotion. I was using my book to promote my book.  Gotta love it.

Being an author is hard, amazing, fun, frustrating and exciting all rolled up in one.  I wouldn’t change one day of this past year because each day I learned something new.

I’m looking forward to this year and to more books because the biggest lesson I learned is the reader always wants the next book.  I don’t plan on being a one book writer.  Now I have to sit down and write some more books.

I hope my lessons help you on your writing journey.  Please feel free to share your 1st year journey with me.  I’d love to hear what lessons you learned.

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  1. Wow, you spoke my exact thoughts. Great information. I just published my first book. Im excited and nervous at the same time. Thanks for a great insight.

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