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One of my biggest issues with dealing with fear is admitting that I dealt with fear.  I called it procrastination, lateness, I’ll do it tomorrow, or I’m gonna do it.

It was easy to call it a different name than what it was – FEAR.

I’m a Christian, we’re not supposed to fear anything but God.  Unfortunately that’s not true.  There are a lot of Christians dealing with fear; some are probably calling it everything but fear like I was.

When I decided that I know longer wanted fear to continue controlling my life.  I was on my path to acceptance.

I was ready to accept that I had fear in my life.

I was ready to accept that I can deal with it.

I was ready to accept that I would probably always deal with it. 

This last truth was hard because you always hear you can conquer your fears.  They never tell you that you get more fears.  Your fears don’t just go away forever.  If you are growing, fears will be there.  That’s a good thing.  Instead of them using you,  use your fears to stretch yourself.  Try those news things you are fearful of.  You will grow instead of standing still.

Monday I listened to Kim Coles, you remember her from Living Single.  She was the speaker on a business summit – Build Brand Bank It Summit.  I’m attending for the next few weeks.  She said something that hit me.  She said we teach what we’ve been through or what we’ve learned.

I’ve ran from fear for so long, the thought of sharing my experiences scared me.  Now I know that you have to stand up to your fears.  I need to share my fears with others, so they know they are not alone and they can deal with their fears too.

Fear is a daily thing.  It knocks on your door each morning, how you deal with is what your day will be like.

I choose to tell fear, not today.  Today is going to be a LaShaunda day, not a day filled with fear.

I plan on talking more about fear and dealing with it.  Come along on this journey.  Share your experiences and together we can deal with our fears.

Are you dealing with fear?  What is it stopping you from doing?

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