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I don’t have time to promote is a statement I hear a lot when I have my virtual tea sessions with my clients.  They have so many things on their plate; they just don’t have time to squeeze promotion in too.

Unfortunately promotion is very important when it comes to books or businesses.  You have to make time to promote, or you won’t be making any sales.

I’ve created a newsletter to help you tackle this problem.

How can this newsletter help you when you have enough newsletters coming into your email?

  1. You say don’t have time to promote; this newsletter was created to help you make time.
  2. All you need is 15 minutes. Yes that’s all 15 minutes three times a week.
  3. You say you don’t know what to promote or where? This newsletter will take the guess work out of your promotion.
  4. It will give you action steps so you can become a social butterfly. 15 minutes a day.
  1. This newsletter can’t make you promote, but if you schedule 15 minute three times a week. It will help you start being consistent.

Why should you subscribe?

You are sick and tired of getting the same results when it comes to your promotion.

You know you need to promote but you don’t know where to start.

You don’t want to be overwhelmed by your promotion.

You want it be fun not a chore.

I’m all about fun and not being overwhelmed.   This newsletter is for you and me.  I don’t believe in sharing things I won’t do myself.  I will be right beside you, doing these challenges too.

Together we will jump start your promotion and help you be more consistent with your promotion..

If you need a little more accountability there’s even a private FB group to help you stay on track, a place to ask questions and chat with other writers who want to stay consistent with their promotion.

You still haven’t clicked to subscribe? 



Set the time for 15 minutes go on Facebook and be the social butterfly you were meant to be.

  1. Make 3 comments
  2. Answer 3 questions
  3. Share 3 posts
  4. Wish 3 people Happy Birthday
  5. Have a conversation with 3 new people

See easy peasy – Did it make you want to jump on Facebook?

Don’t want to read your challenges?  I have you covered too VIDEOS.  CLICK TO WATCH A VIDEO

Still on the fence, what’s your question? Leave it in the comment and I’ll answer it.

Don’t have a questions – READY TO GET STARTED – CLICK to JOIN TODAY.



Are You Ready To Become A Social Butterfly? The First Step Is To Start Your Promotion Kit. Download The Free Copy To See If You are Ready To Become A Social Butterfly
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  1. Okay, LaShaunda! I’m all IN for your “15 Minute Promotion!” I bought your “Building Online Relationships” a while back … so I’m good to go with building my Promotion Kit, with the help of your book. I think my signup may be the best $15 monthly expenditure I’ve made in a while. Looking forward to finally getting connected to you in a way that makes sense, is economical, and holds the continuous promise of “Promotion Success!”

    WHO can’t set aside 15 minutes three times a week?!! Someone who’s NOT serious about promoting her books Successfully. I’m no longer that person. You’ve made this a no-brainer!

    As a “sure fire” backup, I’m ordering a signed copy of your Coloring Book. Congrats on that! Looks like you’re on a ROLL. 🙂

  2. Sorry, LaShaunda! I tried to register for the 15 Minute Promotion at 3:00 AM and must have missed a step. There’s no record of the transaction in my Paypal or bank accounts so I’m doing my first works over again … while I’m fully awake and coherent.

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