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How Are You Capturing Your Audience?
If you know me I’m all about creating a mailing list and working that mailing list. For me it’s the most important tool in your promotion tool kit when it comes to capturing your audience.
You always want a way to capture the audience you meet. Most authors or business owners are attending to events and meeting potential customers and not capturing their information to stay in contact with them. You don’t want to leave an event without some way to stay in touch, either an email or business card.
It use to be easy to get someone to give you their email address, but now it’s like asking for a date, you might get a NO. So you want to make your offer as sweet as possible. What are they getting for the email?
Here a few ideas for writers:
Monthly Newsletter with goodies for only for subscribers
Free Excerpt
Short story created just for your mailing list
Work books
Here a few ideas for business owners:
Weekly or Monthly Newsletter with discounts for subscribers
Awards System For Returning Clients
Birthday Gift
How are you capturing your audience?
Leave a comment, maybe we can use your idea.
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