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Holiday seasons are probably the worst time for grieving people because that’s when you miss your love ones the most. 

The first year my mom passed we decided not to do Thanksgiving together and I think that was the worst thing to do because we should have come together as a family and grieved together instead of staying at our own homes.

Christmas was very hard for me because Christmas was my mother’s favorite holiday. We would exchange gifts.  It was my first Christmas without a gift from my mom. I thought my first Christmas away from home was sad, but it had nothing on this Christmas knowing I’d never ever get another gift from my mom.  I was devastated. It was like losing her all over again.

Now I try to make this holiday season a little happier than fall into the trap of unhappiness.  I’ve decided to celebrate her memory.   I try to cook something that she liked.  I play her favorite music and it helps me feel like she’s a part of the holidays.

If you are dealing with grief this holiday season, I like to offer these tips that I hope are helpful to you.

  1. Tears are okay.  There will be a lot of them during this time, but that’s okay to let them flow.   I’ve learned tears are a good thing. They represent all the love you had for that person, that’s why they never run out.  Just when you think you can’t cry anymore, you find a couple more to flow down your cheek.

2.  Get together with your family, don’t alienate yourself.  Do something fun in honor of your love one.  Bake their favorite cake, watch their favorite movie or prepare their favorite meal.  Don’t t hideaway in your grief.

3.  Do something new, create a new tradition in honor of your love one. That way they are part of your holidays and you can be happy instead of sad.

Yes the holidays can be rough but you will get through them and each one will make you stronger. 

Happy Holidays!



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