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Today this post is to encourage someone who has been thinking about their dream this year and thinking it will never happen. In 2011 my mother died and my life changed forever.  I lost my best friend, my number one fan.  I went into zombie mode, barely surviving.  Work – feed the family – watch TV – sleep – do it over again. I know now I was depressed and grieving.   I’d never been depressed
Are you ready to Pre-Order my new coloring book?  – 26 promotion tips with a color sheets. Promotion can be stressful at times, so I created a way to relax and learn about promotion. If you are a fan of coloring I highly recommend you add this book to your coloring book collection. If you have a writing friend who needs a little help with their promotion, this book will make a great gift. Get
  Are you an author with no promotion budget? Online events should be on your promotion plan. I host two events each year and there are other people and sites that host online events. Online events are great for meeting new readers, making new connections and selling books. Have you registered for SORMAG’s Online Book Festival – http://bit.ly/Bookfestival17  #SOBF17
Virtual Events are the place to be. You can meet new people. You can showcase your services. You can build your mailing list. You can do as many virtual events you want without having to travel. You can build relationships with the event hosts. Virtual Event Tip: Graphics will make your virtual booth pop.  You want the reader to stop by and chat with you, so make sure you have a graphic that grabs their
Most book festivals include – featured authors, vendors selling their products and panel discussions. SORMAG’s Online book festival is set up on the same concept – featured authors, vendors and panel discussions. What you are missing with an online book festival are the long lines, the hot weather, paying to get there and maybe some funnel cakes. Join us in November for 3 days of fun. Register today – http://bit.ly/Bookfestival17 Would you like to be
I think the worse day of grief is the day after the service. You wake up knowing your love one is truly gone. For me the tears came immediately even though I didn’t think I had any more tears to shed. All the pain I’d pushed down as we planned the services overtook me. I felt as if someone ripped my heart into shreds. I didn’t want to move from the bed. I wanted to
  Are you a Business owner who is not promoting your book?   Promote In Your Newsletter Promote On Social Media   Join my promotion group – See Ya On The Net – https://www.facebook.com/groups/SYOTNWorkshop/ Are You Ready To Have Virtual Tea With LaShaunda –  Join The Social Butterfly Mastermind Call http://bit.ly/SBMCALL    
This post is for Coaches who have written a book or books.  Is your book selling the way you want it to? Do people even know you have a book? Have you put promoting your book on the backburner? This month I created a video series for you.  Most coaches aren’t ready for promotion.  They write a book and think the readers will come.  Don’t beat yourself up, if you’ve thought this way.  We all
Welcome to the seventh day of the Are You Ready To Promote 7 Day Challenge Today’s challenge is about: Social Media   http://bit.ly/1ITXK1N Social media platforms are great tools for writers who find they don’t have it in their budget to go to live events. You can meet readers and you can network online. I hear a lot authors say they don’t care for social media and I feel sad for them because they haven’t
Welcome to the sixth day of the Are You Ready To Promote 7 Day Challenge Today’s challenge is about: Your Calendar CLICK TO LISTEN TO AUDIO http://bit.ly/1u8PuZU Your calendar is an important part of your promotion. This is where your promotion plan goes, so you can stay on track with your goals. I’ve learned a calendar helps keep you organized and it great to be able to see where you are or where you are