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The month of December was supposed to be the month I completed the editing on my manuscript.  Mr. Fear knocked on my door and I let him sit on the couch for the whole month.

Now I wasn’t being lazy, I had tons of things I was working on. I hosted SORMAG’s Online Book Festival.  I taught The Promotion Book Camp.  I created all the content for the Book Camp. I worked on a few other things.  I just didn’t do any editing.

I talked myself out of editing a few times, saying what was the use.  The book was a mess there was no saving it.  My mindset was going down slowly.

I had to find that belief that I stored away in the closet.

I wrote a few posts on fear and my mastermind partner Ashley Sauls called me out about creating a challenge about fear.  I had the content, I just needed to put it together.  I sent her the first day content, and she let me know I needed to move forward.

Other people were dealing with fear and it was controlling not only their writing but their promotion too.

Next week I will be hosting the Promotion Mindset 7 Day Challenge.

It’s for the writer or business owner who is struggling with fear and promotion.

Fear isn’t something that goes away.  I say you can’t ROCK fear but you can beat it daily.

This month I choose to beat fear and work on my manuscript. 

Join the challenge and learn how you can change your mindset, so you can slam the door on fear.


You Can’t ROCK Fear but You Can Beat It Daily


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