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When you deal with fear it can be an everyday thing.  It doesn’t go away as some people say, it visits you often.  In my research to beat fear, I’m learning fear is a good thing.  It gets you out of your comfort zone if you choose to move past it.

I’m very happy in my comfort zone because I’m used to it.  However, I’m not living my dream because I refuse to leave my comfort zone.  These past few months I’ve been working on my fiction book and I’ve continued to stay in my comfort zone vs. coming out of it and completing the book.

It’s easy to talk about writing vs. writing.  I’m good at talking about writing and putting other things in front of it vs. writing.

I’m not focusing.  I know I’m not focusing and I’ve been doing a lot of praying because I know its fear and its has me tight and each day it wins when I don’t work on my dream.

I popped into Nigeria Lockley’s Facebook Live because her topic was Finishing What You Start.  This was right on time for me.

I wanted to offer some tips on focusing, but I think Nigeria can do it a lot better than I can.

CLICK to watch her broadcast (Facebook lives sometimes don’t stay up forever, so if the link doesn’t work, I apologize)

Nigeria reminded me that I need to finish what I started and not let the distractions stop me from moving forward.

Recognize the small fires that are distracting you.

Are small fires distracting you from working on your dreams?



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