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Last week I had a nice virtual tea with LaShaunda.  Yes I have to have sessions with myself.

I’ve been dealing with am I writer or do I like talking about being a writer.

I’ve been in stuck mode when it comes to my writing for months since I published my first book.

I’m sitting in the car and I admit I like talking about being a writer.  Writing is hard sometimes.  I’d rather talk about it.

The spirit whispered in my ear you are a writer.  Your characters wake you up at night because they want you to write them down. You think about them like they are real people.  You wonder what’s going to happen to them.

That’s real you can’t fake that.  The passion is still there what’s really going on LaShaunda?

The fear is real. 

What if I’m not good enough?

What if they hate the book?

Why are you letting your fears stop you?

I have a book with my name on it.  I can say I reached my ultimate dream.  Move on to the next thing.

The problem is my next thing is a fiction book with my name on it.  I want it, I need it and I’m the one standing in my way.

I’m the one talking about writing a book.

I’m the one on the couch for years instead of writing.

I’m the one using fear as an excuse because it’s easier than putting in the work.

My session with LaShaunda ended with a plan – WRITE – even when you are scared.  Write even when you want to sit on the couch.

Write even when you don’t believe it’s going to happen.  WRITE!

I write this post for myself and for someone out there having these feelings.

Its okay be scared but WRITE. – DO IT SCARED

I’ll be writing with you.  We can do this.


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