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This month I will be featuring a new series – Becoming A Social Butterfly.  It’s all about moving into the second stage of promotion – The Learning Cocoon.  Each post will be about getting ready to promote.

Many writers and business owners don’t get ready to promote.  They jump right in and before they realize it, they are stuck.

My hope for this series is to help you get ready so you don’t get stuck with your promotion.  Please note the blog is catered to writers, however, if you are a business owner you can still use these tips just substitute reader for customers.  Everything I share with you is from building my own business – Shades Of Romance Magazine.


The first step in getting ready for your promotion is creating your Promotion Kit.  It will have everything you need to jumpstart your promotion.

I recommend you start on your Promotion Kit six to twelve months before your book releases or before you launch your business.

If you are reading this and saying, what about if my book is released or my business is online, that’s fine, you still have time to work on your Promotion Kit, you will be in a faster mode vs taking your time to build it.

What I love about the promotion kit, is you can use it over and over again.  You just update the tools as needed.

The promotion kit consists of the following tools.


For me this is your number one tool.  I don’t recommend you promote without one.  Part of your promotion strategy is meeting new readers.  If you have no way to capture these readers, you are promoting to the wind.

Make sure you create a mailing list on a system that is user friendly to you and keep it up to date.


It’s important that you know who your reader is.

Most new writers tell me their book is for everyone. That’s when I know they haven’t taken time to figure out who their reader is.

Your Social media followers might not be your readers.

If you know what genre you write, you have a better chance at figuring out which readers to reach and where to look for them.

For instance if you write romance you can find which platforms the romance readers hang out on.


Do you set SMART Goals for your online promotion?

Most writers set writing goals, but have you considered setting promotion goals.


Your promotion plan is what kind of promotion you plan to do for your book. If you’ve completed your goals for this book or your business, it will help you create a plan. Your goals, your budget and your promotion schedule = your promotion plan.

Tool #5 – CALENDAR

Your calendar is an important part of your promotion.

This is where your promotion plan goes, so you can stay on track with your goals.

I’ve learned a calendar helps keep you organized and it great to be able to see where you are or where you are going with your promotion.


Don’t make the media hunt you down, make sure your email addresses are listed on your website, blog, social media pages and your promotional items (bookmarks, book covers, flyers business cards etc.)

Your email signature is an important part of your book or business promotion plan. This is the best form of free promotion you can have. You can be creative with it and you can change it up daily, weekly or monthly.


If you don’t have a website, please consider getting your own domain. When readers look for you, they look for your site first. Not everyone is on social media.

Don’t miss out on new readers.


Social media platforms are great tools for writers who find they don’t have it in their budget to go to live events. You can meet readers and you can network online.

I hear a lot authors say they don’t care for social media and I feel sad for them because they haven’t found the place they can enjoy.

I suggest you find three social media sites you enjoy participating in and start being a social butterfly.


There are many sites looking for content to share with their readers, viewers, listeners. You can be the content they share. Pitch your book or services and start promoting to a new audience.


Video and Livestreaming are the hottest way to promote right now.  Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram Live, Periscope and youtube.

These ten tools work together in helping you become a social butterfly.   If you are on a tight budget, most of them don’t cost you a thing but time.  Invest in the time to make sure you have a complete Promotion Kit.

I don’t recommend trying to do them all at once that’s why you have a calendar schedule your preparation tasks then get to work.

Before you know it you will have shredded your cocoon and become a beautiful social butterfly.

Click this LINK to check out the video series I created about the Promotion Kit.

If you don’t have a copy of my book – CLICK HERE to order your copy.

What’s the first thing you will do to get started with your promotion?


Are You Ready To Become A Social Butterfly? The First Step Is To Start Your Promotion Kit. Download The Free Copy To See If You are Ready To Become A Social Butterfly
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